Review – The Privateer Coal Fire Pizza

My lovely friend, and hairdresser extraordinaire, Amberlee, find her here:Hair by Amberlee, well she told us about this awesome pizza joint in Oceanside. We finally went!

They offer gluten free dough for any of their pizza concoctions. While they prepare the GF pizza on a different surface than the regular dough, there’s no caution taken in sanitizing their hands before touching your pizza, or having it baked on a separate surface; the coal fire oven is one big daddy that’s used for all. So cross contamination is a big possibility for Celiac’s. Honestly, I was super worried that they would serve me the wrong pizza!

We went on a Friday night and it was pretty busy. Perhaps going on a less busy night you would be able to have the dialogue with the chefs that you need to, like wash your hands please before touching my GF dough.

We started with the spicy roasted cauliflower…YUM! Then we tried the margherita pizza, very YUM! THEN I had to be a pig ass and try the Brixton (tomato, pepperoni, parmesan reggiano, ricotta) whoa!!

So overall I really liked the food here 🙂


Spicy roasted cauliflower


Brixton pizza