My response to the SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and Prop 8!

This is not a foodie post or gluten free related. But this relates to my family and our union and well, it is important to me!

This morning, as my wife returned home from work, and as I prepared for my usual work day, in the few minutes we typically have to say hello and kiss goodbye as I head out the door, we were able to sit together to absorb the monumental SCOTUS rulings on DOMA and Prop 8. Over the last 24 hours, I have experienced every emotion possible over the anticipation of the outcome: anger, anxiousness, confusion, restlessness, happiness, excitement, eagerness, peacefulness, love.  After hearing the rulings, I let out a sigh of relief, tears of joy streamed and in that moment I felt simply elated. Let me say that these rulings do not hold any weight in the validity of our love or our union as our bond is heartfelt and driven; no one could ever tell us otherwise. However, what the rulings did solidify for us is that we are human beings, with rights, and to be respected as such, as equals among our peers.  We feel that at its core, the rulings send an even bigger message to our youth and generations to come; it is ok to be gay, your human rights are important, you can love and be loved, it DOES get better!

Not only are we excited for those in states where same-sex marriage is legal, knowing that the more than 1,100 additional rights being bestowed upon them will afford them the legal safeguards granted in heterosexual marriages, but we are ecstatic about the Prop 8 decision to dismiss the appeal! We can, very soon, be legally married in the state in which we reside. Prop 8 was the most insulting and degrading law to live in the shadows of.  We love our state; we love our family, friends and neighbors! Yet to know that something of this nature was actually voted upon by people we pass on the streets daily, people who we may interact with at work, church, in social settings, this was the part that was the most disturbing to us. There was no rhyme or reason for such hate but to inflict pain and to discriminate.

Today we are stronger as a whole. Today our hearts are a bit lighter from any burdens that were there yesterday. Today we stand together with our friends and family in unison, as equals. Today is a day forever ingrained in history! Hate will not prevail because LOVE WINS!



tami and cheryll wedding teaser 01


Getting to know you…uh me…

I’ve been inspired by other blogs I’ve perused today and thought I would share a little about who we are. Yes, I have a family 🙂 and they will hate me for this but I promised to use great photos!

This photo here is the epitome of me…classy, sassy and a little smart assy haha with a drink! Always with a drink!

photo 2 (1)


Here are some things about me:

  • Things that are important to me: God, my family (including furry children), my close friendships, reading/books, TRYING to live as healthy as I can, being honest and speaking my mind (I can make people cry from my honesty which brands me a bitch to some lol oh fucking well, I DO NOT coddle!), and equal rights for all 
  • I married the love of my life on 10/11/12 and had a dream wedding
  • I have a WIFE 🙂 She looks unassuming but will kick your ass (she works for officials of the county in which we reside, if that’s any indication) and there are guns at home
  • Everyone is sick of hearing about our wedding, but it was hands down the most beautiful I have EVER felt! Every bride should feel this way on their wedding day!
  • Therefore I have to share it HERE
  • My best friend is really my mixed German Shepherd pup…he is my buddy and his name is Romeo, because he’s a loverboy
  • We also have an old lady dog named Zoe.  She doesn’t come out much because she’s a bitch like me and is always messing up in the house or hiding
  • We also have a 12 year old, Jordan, who looks 17 and is driving us bat shit crazy with her “forgetfulness”…seriously, trash day has been Thursday for the last year and a half and she STILL can’t remember! But we love her, and she’s pretty, and we’re “working” on it everyday…hence the chore chart on the fridge to list EVERYTHING, including bathing (Like seriously what the fuck is up with 6th graders?? They smell!)
  • I’m older than I look lol people get it wrong all the time…but NO I was not a teen mom (ain’t nobody got time for that!)  so feel free to try the math
  • I’m so damn easy to get along with, just be a straight (ummm forward lol) shooter and there will be no blood…so  ask me anything



Here he’s trying to be cute and keep my wife away from me lol he really does think I’m his momma

photo 2

Zoe, don’t let her fool you, she’s a mean bitch lol us little ones always are!

photo 3

Jordy, JoJo, Gordy, Gordon, and otherwise known as McFly (yes, I have a thing for nicknames and call her all kinds of loving crap) but isn’t she pretty? She was 11 here!!! Best thing I’ve ever done and well, baked! haha

photo 4 (1)

My favorite wedding photo 🙂

photo 5

Some other great shots

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

tami and cheryll wedding teaser 01

For the record…I LOVED MY FUCKING WEDDING DRESS! We had to change venues, theme, everything just to make it fit this damn dress…and yes I am spoiled!

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