About Me

I was diagnosed in 2012 with Celiac’s disease after months of terrible symptoms and unexplained weight loss.  My symptoms were so bad, I couldn’t even hold a knife! At the time, I was planning my wedding with hopes of attending a culinary program in my recent unemployed state and was hit with this shocker that literally rocked my world.  I’m still not over it.  Here we are nearly 9 months later and I’m still pissed. Actually, I’m fucking furious! Food is so different! I look at it differently, it tastes different, feels different, smells different! It’s still good, mostly. But sometimes my anger rears it’s ugly head and I can’t wrap my mind around how I’m going to move forward with making food that I grew up with work in my new world.

This blog will be a place for me to try gluten free recipes I find from other blogs and through  reputable gluten free chefs and cookbooks. I’m also dipping my feet into the paleo bucket at times. Perhaps I’ll venture out and include some of my own recipes someday.

This is a place for me to vent and show where I fucking nail it or fail it!  So if you don’t mind my potty mouth, sarcastic nature and occasional drinking while I blog…please join me 🙂


6 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you Dana…like wise. I’m a newbie out here but I can get away with this shiz because my kid is older now lol Otherwise I’d have a PG version much like yours 🙂
      Adding you to my blog roll!

    • Dana…you are the bomb! I am definitely sharing your post and nominations on here today. I’m such a newbie in the blogosphere so I’m slow on the whole nominate awards thing…I may reach out to you for help 🙂

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